Keep your customers and clients informed with a digital signage system

Digital Signage is the use of electronic displays, typically via an LCD or Plasma screen, to deliver targeted information in an office or business setting. The display content can vary from simple text and graphics to full-motion video, with or without audio. RSS feeds can also be displayed therefore conveying instant real time ticker information such as breaking news, financial markets information, or the current weather forecast.

This information can be controlled using a PC either locally or remotely. Digital Signage is being used to replace and enhance traditional signs such as posters, flyers and notice boards and a key advantage is its ability to rapidly update content automatically using the appropriate software.

  • Corporate & Finance: Reception & Waiting Areas; Banking Halls & Financial Products info
  • Tourism: Tourist Sites and Passenger Terminal Information
  • Information: Public Transport; Education; Staff-Training
  • Advertising: Store Promotions; Third Party Advertising, Tradeshows
  • Hospitality: Hotel Lobbies; Restaurants & Bars; Cinema & Theatre Box-Offices
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Promotions, News, Entertainment
  • Brand Building: Brand / Product awareness leading to revenue increase

Country Club - Digital Signage Marketing Sample

Convenience Store - Digital Signage Marketing Sample

Hotel and Resort - Digital Signage Marketing Sample